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  • I have been using DuraCore products for several years now. I use Densi Crete to cure & waterproof my slabs with 100% success. The large range of sealers available & the expert advice I receive, gives me confidence to use the products over a broad range of applications. Good products, good price.

    - Glenn Cramb CrambCramb Constructions

  • Densi Crete seemed too good to be true when I first heard about it. I went out and witnessed an installation and immediately decided I would use it where I had a warrant claim against moisture. It took me several months of satisfying myself the product did work and I went back and inspected jobs that had used Densi Crete that should have failed with the high moisture contents in old existing slabs.

    They had not been moved or showed any signs of being affected. I invested in an airless sprayer and have used Densi Crete for over 5 year without one problem…

    - Pat Boland Boland Flooring

  • The ability to use it at the time of pour as permanent waterproofing and also as a curing medium, without any preparation cost is also a bonus. This saves time and money and allows site access within one hour. My customers are delighted with the performance, results and the cost savings.

    - Paul Cain Pacific Waterpoofing Services

  • We use Densi Crete as the main stay in our waterproofing because it is an incredible product that always works, it is safe & easy to apply, has no environmental impact and the backup service from DuraCore is always reliable and professional.

    - Angela Stevenson Danlaid Contracting

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