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Densi Crete specified to halt the deterioration of concrete in a council water treatment plant.

Water Treatment Plant

Densi Crete is a concrete treatment product manufactured by DuraCore, and is designed for use on new or existing concrete. We’ve heard many success stories from contractors about their successes with the Densi Crete family of products over the years, however this one was a little out of the ordinary. It is case studies like this that show how the Densi Crete family of products can be used on almost any concrete product, like this QLD water treatment plant.

The problem

After many years of total submersion in waste water, the concrete from this council treatment plant was starting to deteriorate from the surface and also was showing signs of concrete cancer from water penetration.

The high chemical concentration of the waste water was wearing away the surface and also deteriorating the concrete internally. If not addressed, the concrete would need to have been re-placed long before it's useful lifespan.

The solution

DuraCore was approached by the local council for a solution and Densi Crete was offered to rectify the problem. After stringent testing and approval from the engineers it was specified for use in all of their treatment plants.

The waste pits were emptied and dried, followed by a thorough pressure cleaning. All repair works of joints etc. were carried out before a total saturation application of Densi Crete was applied.

How does Densi Crete work?

Densi Crete is a 100% colloidal silica, and the product was able to help the concrete's erosion problem because it penetrates up to 100mm into the substrate, creating a permanent barrier which improves the integrity of the concrete, no matter how old it is. Densi Crete also hardens the surface of any concrete slab by four to six times, creating an incredible resistance to concrete degradation.

And seeing as Densi Crete only needs a quick, one coat application, the entire application is a simple spray process, allowing the areas to be returned to service is the fastest possible time.

The benefits of using Densi Crete:

Densi Crete allows construction projects to save massive amounts of time and money, but will also help with:

  • Reducing the concrete’s abrasive wear.
  • Preserving the colour of the concrete.
  • Stopping harmful chemicals and water from penetrating into the concrete’s matrix and corroding the steel rebar.
  • Retaining the concrete’s natural slip resistance.

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