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Densi Crete is not only for concrete slabs, look how it was used on this swimming pool.

Residential Pool

Densi Crete is a concrete treatment product manufactured by DuraCore, and is normally used on concrete slabs. We’ve heard many success stories from contractors about their successes with Densi Crete over the years, but we were most delighted when we heard how it helped this residential project reach completion. It is case studies like this that show how Densi Crete can be used on almost any concrete product, like a Gold Coast swimming pool.

Why use Densi Crete for concrete pools?

It’s accepted knowledge that concrete cracks will cause leakage, and this is why concrete pools are notorious for leaking, even though most people don’t realise that a leak has occurred, as it happens underground, and cannot always be seen.

Densi Crete was used on this residential pool as a cure and seal, with great results. It was applied roughly two hours after the concreters were finished, and has in the following weeks shown no signs of cracking.

The pool was also situated on a canal, which means that the concrete was susceptible to the ingress of salt due to hydrostatic pressure. This ingression of salt would have eventually caused rusting of the steel rebar, also commonly referred to as concrete cancer.

However, seeing as the pool was treated with Densi Crete, there was no need to worry about cracks or concrete cancer, as our product only requires 10% Portland cement in a product for it to form its gel and waterproof the concrete.

We have the proof

Testing has proven that concrete treated with Densi Crete will enhance the later bonding of any coatings, repair mediums, paint, render and concrete tiles, to name a few. This means that using Densi Crete on your concrete surfaces gives you the peace of mind to no longer have to worry about leaks, concrete cancer or any other associated moisture problems.

Reasons why Densi Crete is the best choice for your concrete:

  • Densi Crete can be applied to almost any concrete surface containing 10% Portland cement.
  • It is easy to apply and can be sprayed on to existing concrete or concrete at time of pour.
  • After applying Densi Crete the surface is foot trafficable after just 1 hour.
  • Install floor coverings within 24 hours of application to exisitng concrete or within 14 days of application if used at time of pour.
  • Densi Crete is more than 21% cheaper than other waterproofing membrane methods.

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