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QLD Piggery

Densi + Repeller is a concrete treatment product manufactured by DuraCore, and is normally used on new concrete slabs. We’ve heard many success stories from contractors about their successes with the Densi Crete family of products over the years, however this one was a little out of the ordinary. It is case studies like this that show how the Densi Crete family of products can be used on almost any concrete product, like this QLD piggery.

Why use Densi Crete + Repeller for Piggeries?

Piggeries are notorious for having major issues with their concrete due to the waste from the pigs. Many of these farms have their own concrete batching plants as they are forever replacing the concrete due to its structural integrity.

Pigs produce a large amount of ammonia which penetrates the capillaries voids of the concrete and destroys its internal integrity much faster than the natural process.

This piggery used Densi + Repeller at the time of pour to firstly cure the concrete but secondly to provide the best protection to extend the life of the concrete. The Repeller component of Densi Crete is the 1st barrier in preventing the ingress of the urine at the surface, while the actual Densi Crete penetrates the capillaries and prevents any further penetration should it make it past the Repeller.

A large amount of testing was completed prior to large scale use at the piggery and all testing results showed that using Densi + Repeller extending the useful lifespan of the concrete by 3 times. It is now a staple part of the piggeries ongoing expansion.

How Densi Crete + Repeller works

Densi + Repeller, as opposed to topical curing compounds, penetrates deeply into the matrix of the concrete, locking the moisture in while continuing to allow the concrete to breathe and dry out. The Repeller component remains in the surface of the concrete and repels water & oil etc. before it can penetrate the capillaries.

In short, Densi + Repeller is excellent for curing concrete, providing a cure equal to, or even better than water curing. The application of Densi + Repeller makes the concrete waterproof, abrasion resistant, dust resistant, and increases its surface hardness while maintaining a clean surface due to the Repeller component.

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