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Any construction project manager will tell you that if you’re working with concrete structures, you have to ensure that you use products that will successfully protect and waterproof the concrete. Taking protective measures isn’t just relegated to big construction projects either. Builders, waterproofers and flooring contractors, to name a few, should also ensure that any concrete surfaces they work with, are protected.

To help ensure you make the right choice, we’ve taken the time to explain our range of concrete waterproofing & protection systems, and we’ve even included a Handy Guide that you can consult for your next project.

DuraCore provides various types of advanced concrete protection systems, and two good examples that contractors and project managers trust on their projects are:

  • Densi Crete is a one-coat application product that offers permanent concrete waterproofing and allows for hardening/densifying of the concrete surface. Densi Crete can be applied at time of pour to serve as a cure & seal product and can also be applied to concrete of any age.
  • Moisture Proof is a single application moisture barrier that you can pour onto the surface, allow to penetrate & broom out puddles, if any. Moisture Proof can also be used on concrete surfaces of any age and is ideal for smaller areas.

Both products feature DuraCore’s advanced concrete protection and include the following benefits:

  • They are fast and easy to apply when compared to traditional waterproofing methods.
  • You can expect a quick curing time, which means that both products cause minimal site disruption. The slab will be foot trafficable within one hour and floor coverings can be laid in 24 hours (on existing concrete) or in as little as 14 days if the product is used at time of pour.
  • Both products provide permanent waterproofing and can penetrate the concrete up to 100mm & beyond.
  • Our products can be used on new or existing concrete, giving you versatile solutions to concrete waterproofing.

Densi Crete and Moisture Proof's technology has been used on thousands of various projects, providing excellent results over the past 30 years. Here are just some of the local projects that our concrete waterproofing technology has been used on, with great success:

Lend Lease Projects
Gold Coast University Hospital
Ipswich Hospital
Cairns Hospital
Brisbane Showgrounds
And many more projects
Varsity Views Gold Coast
Titans Stadium Gold Coast
Gold Coast Theme Parks
Dracula's Theatre Restaurant

DuraCore stocks a wide variety of concrete protection products that are all suited for the specific needs of your project. Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out which product will best suit your project or find a distributor.

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