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Lend Lease specifies Densi Crete's technology on the new Brisbane Supreme Court House.

Brisbane Supreme Court

Just recently, Lend Lease specified Densi Crete's technology to cure and waterproof 37,000m2 of concrete including all on-ground slabs, car parks, podium and roof top.

The main reasons they used the Densi Crete technology were;

  • Unlike other topical curing agents, Densi Crete does not require mechanical diamond grinding prior to the installation of floor coverings saving time and the cost of diamond grinding.
  • They could cure and waterproof the concrete in a single permanent application, saving them the costs and time of having to install a moisture barrier later on.

The Australian Standard for direct sticking floor coverings to concrete states that topical curing compounds MUST be mechanically removed prior to installation.

The initial outlay for an inferior curing medium may seem attractive to begin with, however, but when it comes time to install floor coverings the initial cost blows out with the added cost of having to diamond grind the curing compound off. And that's one of the reasons why Lend Lease used Densi Crete's technology.

Also, topical curing compounds are designed to keep the moisture in and do NOT allow the concrete to breathe and dry out.

This leaves the concrete with high moisture levels and once it has been removed it requires the installation of a moisture barrier or the concrete needs several more months to dry naturally.

Whereas Densi Crete penetrates deeply into the matrix of the concrete, locking in the moisture while continuing to allow the concrete to breathe and complete hydration

This meant that Lend Lease didn't have to install a moisture barrier saving a huge amount of time and money.

In short, Densi Crete is excellent for curing concrete, providing a cure equal to or better than water curing, plus at the same time making concrete waterproof, abrasion resistant, , dust resistant and increases surface hardness. Floor coverings can be installed 14 days from concrete pour, GUARANTEED, without the need for expensive diamond grinding.

Densi Crete is a 100% Colloidal Silica that …

  • can be applied to almost any concrete product containing Portland cement.
  • is easy to apply and can be sprayed on to existing concrete or concrete at time of pour.
  • is foot trafficable after just 1 hour from installation.
  • accepts coverings within 24 hours of application to exisitng concrete or within 14 days of application if used at time of pour.
  • is more than 21% cheaper than other waterproofing membrane methods.

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