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Densi Crete's technology was used to help the Marina Bay Sands Casino with its waterproofing needs.

Marina Bay Sands Casino

The Marina Bay Sands Casino is an $8 Billion complex built by the US gaming giant, Las Vegas Sands, who claimed that the project was one of the world’s most challenging construction projects, and one of the most expensive standalone integrated resort properties ever built.

How Densi Crete Technology Helped

Densi Crete's technology was used primarily to waterproof the iconic casino’s roof, specifically the pool area, which is about 150 metres in length.

The reason why this technology was chosen is because it penetrates up to 100mm into the substrate, creating a permanent waterproofing barrier that also has the added benefit of improving the integrity of the concrete. This made it perfect for an always wet, high traffic area like the casino’s roof top pool.

Densi Crete only needs a single coat applied to the concrete for it to be completely effective, and penetrates into the concrete within one hour, saving this particular project an incredible amount of time.

Reasons why Densi Crete is the best choice for waterproofing concrete:

  • Densi Crete can be applied to almost any concrete product containing 10% Portland cement.
  • It is easy to apply and can be sprayed on to existing concrete or concrete at time of pour.
  • After applying Densi Crete the surface is foot trafficable after just 1 hour.
  • It accepts coverings within 24 hours of application to exisitng concrete or within 14 days of application if used at time of pour.
  • Densi Crete is more than 21% cheaper than other waterproofing membrane methods.

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