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Densi Crete helped ensure the success of the new Brisbane Airport Link.

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We find that people tend to think that Densi Crete should only be used in very specific situations. So, we thought it a good idea to write about a project in which Densi Crete was used a little differently: The Theiss construction at the new Brisbane Airport Link.

The challenge

The project required that concrete culverts, spanning approximately 1500 mtrs, had to be made safe against the elements. What made the project so challenging was the fact that the culverts were submerged, which meant that the pipes were also at risk to being weakened by the constant contact of salt and moisture.

It’s well known that these two substances will cause the steel rebar structure of the culverts to rust, causing the overall deterioration of the concrete, which would put the whole project in jeopardy.

Vulcan Coatings, a contractor for the Theiss Project, decided to apply Densi Crete to the entire range of the concrete culverts just after their construction, with the aim to prevent off-gassing and to protect the culverts’ internal polyurea membranes from hydro-static pressure.

The idea paid off, and after an application of Densi Crete, the concrete was protected from salt contamination and concrete cancer. What’s more, after receiving an optimal cure, the entire range of culverts were ready to receive the polyurea membrane.

Why Densi Crete was able to help

Densi Crete only requires approximately 10% Portland cement to be present in a product for it to form its cutting edge gel, which completely waterproofs the concrete. This means that Densi Crete can be used on almost any concrete product, including the concrete culverts.

In fact, Densi Crete has been tested and found that it will enhance the later bonding of any coatings, repair mediums, paint, render and tiles, amongst others.

Because of Densi Crete’s immaculate pedigree, Theiss could use it to help solve this particular project challenge, and have peace of mind that the culverts would be completely protected from concrete cancer, and remain unaffected by hydro-static pressure.

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