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Why Lend Lease chose Densi Crete's technology over ordinary topical curing agents

Gold Coast Hospital

We love to hear about our customer’s success stories when they use our products, and this one is no exception. Recently, Lend Lease used Densi Crete's Technology to cure and waterproof all the on-ground concrete slabs at the Gold Coast University hospital.

According to Lend Lease, the main reasons why they chose this technology over other topical curing agents was because Densi Crete does not require mechanical grinding prior to the installation of floor coverings, saving on time and costs. Another reason was because they could cure and waterproof the concrete in a single application, saving additional costs a moisture barrier would have necessitated.

Why Densi Crete helped

The reason for Lend Lease’s approval of this technology is because the Australian Standard for direct sticking floor coverings to concrete, states that topical curing compounds must be mechanically removed prior to installation.

The initial outlay for other curing mediums might seem attractive to begin with, but when you have to install floor coverings the costs of having to diamond grind the curing compound off the surface can become exorbitant. With Densi Crete no grinding is required, which is why Lend Lease chose to use it's technology.

Lend Lease also knew that traditional topical compounds are designed to keep moisture in, and don’t allow the concrete to breathe, and dry out. This leaves contractors to deal with high moisture levels, and once the topical curing compound has been ground off, a moisture barrier has to then be installed on the concrete or it has to dry out naturally over the course of several more months.

How Densi Crete works

Densi Crete, as opposed to topical curing compounds, penetrates deeply into the matrix of the concrete, locking the moisture in while continuing to allow the concrete to breathe and dry out.

This means that you don’t have to install any further moisture barriers when you use Densi Crete, saving your project time and money.

In short, Densi Crete is excellent for curing concrete, providing a cure equal to, or even better than water curing, plus at the same time the application of Densi Crete makes the concrete waterproof, abrasion resistant, dust resistant, and increases its surface hardness.

Using Densi Crete is guaranteed to allow for floor coverings to be installed in 14 days from concrete pour, without the need for expensive diamond grinding.

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